Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Strawberries, these fruits have alpha hydro chemical nature that can make the skin very healthy.

Hintz 1

Take a strawberry fruits and make them into rough and apply an teaspoon of green gram powder, with milk applied for skin that make a massage smoothly afterwards take a short break and wash the skin immediately. Whatever the cells that are obtained in the skin that will be gone forever.

Hintz 2

The wetness that are disappeared on the skin and the dryness that are excess on the skin. For this type of situation's take a four or five strawberry fruits and make them into mild or soft and for these strawberries a spoon of rose water with honey that can be mixed. After the mixing of these things apply to the skin smoothly and wait for fifteen minutes after it becomes dry you will wash the skin. For this situation the skin become wet and glowing charm.

Hintz 3

Take two strawberry fruits and make them into juice. A small cup of coconut milk  with spoon of olive oil mixed each with strawberry juice and apply for the head, after half an hour take a less concentrated shampoo for bath. You can do these things fifteen days once that makes your hairs healthy and grow better.

Hintz 4

For the sake of sunshine a lot's of people's faces that got black marks on a skin the parts of face neck hands and legs. For these type of situations take equal size of curd and strawberry juice that can be mixed in glass. Apply these things for the black marks that are applied for the skin take a few minutes of time remove the paste that are applied for the skin immediately.

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