Saturday, January 3, 2015


Hello friends, this blog is for the healthy hintz on the process that we grow our health better according to me these are the hintz i am providing for the different topics.

Adorable with hibiscus
If u want the shining black hair, so do like this
.Take five hibiscus flowers and make them into paste and then mix with spoon of olive oil.
.After mixing the paste that can be applied towards the hair for that put a shower cap upon the head.
.After half an hour take a head bath.
.Do like this for two or three time's in a week the hair that turns into black color.

.Take a cup of coconut oil mix with two spoons of hibiscus leaf powder.
.After mixture the oil put in a bowl upon a stove for sometime.
.The mixture that changes into different color and then put 5 minutes for coolness.
.The oil that should applied for hairs daily that changes into black color.

.Due to the insufficient vitamins that occur's in hair the hair's will be growth less.
.For this kind of situation take a little bit of hibiscus leaf powder.
.Take four or five drops of cinnamon oil and mix with coconut oil.
.After mixing the paste that should be apply for top to bottom of hairs.
.Take a shower bath with diluted shampoo the hairs will grow healthy.

.Take a spoon of methi leaves in a water and then mix these methis with hibiscus leaves.
.Then make them into paste. Take a spoon of curd and apply for the hairs.
.After half an hour take a bath this will makes your hairs grow and better.
.Decrease of dandruff takes place.


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